#24 Starting an agency can be hard - why do we do it?

On this episode Jon & Dan take a listener question. Steve Cowburn writes in to ask:

“Why do people start their own companies, given that the rewards and workload can be tough? What is that 'certain something' that we get out of doing it for ourselves?”

To answers Steve’s questions, Jon & Dan cover the following topics:

  • What was the initial decision process in starting our agencies - what led us to take the plunge?

  • What was the turning point where it first felt like a business and an agency?

  • Working on our first ‘product’ and finding our niche

  • What were the first things that began to highlight how hard it can be to run a business

  • Doing the first business activities as new founders

  • Who did we look towards as inspiration - who could we learn from?

  • What was our fallback plan?

  • Business and personal milestones that forced us to make decisions

  • Hiring the first employee

  • What do rewards do we get from it personally

  • What are the purely financial rewards?

  • Working hard and what you need to put in

  • If for some reason we no longer had our companies, what would we do next?

Show notes

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