#20 A globally distributed product team - a new model for design agencies?


This week Jon is joined by Matthew Lenzi of Hanno - a globally distributed product design agency. Hanno are quite unique in the way that they run their business; a distributed team working around the world using a forward-thinking vision of 'how companies should work in the future'. They’re living the dream sold to us by the level of communication offered by the internet - something that’s quite unique and I’ve not seen anyone else do as successfully before. We talk about how they got started and made this model a success.


In this episode they cover:

  • The history of Hanno; how it formed and how the idea of using a distributed team model came from.

  • Using regular company retreats to work/be together in person.

  • Daily communication technique, such as: PPP - plans, progress & problems.

  • Working around the clock in different timezones.

  • Using ‘pods’ of team members on projects.

  • Letting everyone choose where and when they work, and how much they get paid.

  • Pairing up remotely by planning around people's schedules.

  • Over communicating.

  • Introverted and extroverted personalities in distributed teams.


Show notes


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